Religionsglossar: von Abraham bis Zuckerfest

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Language & Communication

Course Type

Start-Up Course:
This type of course offers you the chance to get to know a new language. Afterwards you can decide if it meets your expectations as well as getting the chance to meet our instructors and us here at the education center.

Intensiv Course:
The intensive courses allow you to learn as much as possible in a short period of time. During an entire weekend, you will immerse yourself in the language of your choice.

Basic / Beginner Course:
Our Beginner Course is designed for individuals with little or no previous knowledge of the desired language. In the course, you will be given an introduction to the grammar and structure of the language as well as interesting cultural information.

Intermediate Course:
In our Intermediate courses you will have the opportunity to build upon your previous knowledge of the target language. You will learn more grammar and expressions necessary for successful communication with more complex dialogues.