Back to work!

Supporting Job Placement with Integral Methods (UVgA)


"Back to work!" - the goal of this project is to find each participant employment which offers social security benefits. In order to reach this goal, the project team on behalf of the Federal Office of Employment will support job-seeking adults who receive unemployment benefits (ALG I) with their return to the labor market.

Participation is divided into two areas:
One area will include courses created to meet the needs of the participants in order to qualify them for a smooth return to the workplace. Along with labor market assessment and learning to write job applications, there will be a strenghts assessment, presentation and motivation training, computer skills training, health counseling, foreign language classes, and many other job-related training opportunities.

Within the second area of the project, each participant will receive individual guidance and life coaching. This will focus on finding a job location of interest and securing a position in that region, along with solving individual problems, corresponding with social services organizations, and assisting during the application process.

Project duration: 23.09.2009 - 13.06.2012

Target groups: Adults who receive unemployment benefits (ALG I) and are registered as actively seeking employment. The participants will be placed in the course will the approval of the Employment Office and will be allowed to participate in the projec for 3-9 months.

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