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Jugendliche entdecken und entwickeln ihre Stärken - Ergebnisse und Handlungsempfehlungen des Projektes ICH: Integration und CHancen
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Integration and Opportunities

Integration and Opportunities

"I am somebody! I can do something! I'll do it!" - with this motto and within the framework of the XENOS-Program "Integration and Diversity" the Multicultural Forum kicked off its project "Integration and Opportunities". With this project, we will place young people in business internships and train them in social and career studies as well as improve their job application, IT and competence skills. In order to better facilitate their integration into society and prepare them for future employment, the project will include activities in theater and adventure-based learning. Another important objective of this project is to strengthen participants' political awareness and personal initiative. To achieve this goal, the participants, for example, may work together with police officers on a theater production which will later be presented in several different locations.

Promoters within this project will be made aware of the living situation of the participants. They will have the opportunity to take part in special courses in areas such as intercultural skills training.

Project duration: 02.02.2009 - 31.07.2011

Locations: Unna County and Hamm

Target groups: Adolescents under 25 yrs. with or without a migrant background who receive social assistance (ALG-II), promoters, businesses and organizations, public administration, and school students.

Project funded by: