Lingua Szena

Lingua Szena combines theater education methods and biography work, with creative and classic processes of employment application management. A special focus is placed on work-related language training. Business internships including individual support and coaching round out the contents of this project.

The participants will have the opportunity to::

  • further develop their personality through self-initiative and team work
  • recognize their strengths and as a result, gain a new perspective of their own personal story
  • assume responsibility and learn to assess and present themselves
  • develop their professional language skills and improve their communication skills
  • find a suitable vocational training position or employment

In the first phase of the project, participants will plan a theater production from the idea to the premiere. They will be supported by a drama coach and other specialists (for example: bodywork, language, stage design, mask and costume design, sound and lighting). At the same time, there will be intensive work-related language training as well as classes on how to properly apply for a job and succeed in the interview. This will be supported through theater education methods and by assessing participants' strengths and weaknesses. At teh same time, businesses interested in offering internships during the second phase of the project will be contacted in order toopen dialog between participants and the interested businesses. The first phase of the project will commence with the premiere of the theater piece.

During the second phase of the project, participants will complete internships in businesses which were contacted during the first phase of the project and will continue to receive individual guidance and support from social educators throughout this phase of the project.

The project is sponsored by the Jobcenter in Lünen and Selm and is contracted out to the Projektfabrik Witten e.V. in cooperation with the Multicultural Forum.

Project duration: 02.05.2011 - 31.03.2012

Location: Lünen-South

Target groups: Lingua Szena richtet is open to those who are currently seeking employment and do not have an advanced knowledge of German.

Funded by: