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Work opportunities for social assistance recipients in Berg-/Kamen

Coaching and Placement Centre

This project aimed at adults with a migrant background who receive social assistane (ALG II). The Coaching and Placement Centre helps every participant to find out about her or his career aspirations, goals and perspectives and shows them how to achieve these goals by offering individual coaching.

The main components of the project are: Compiling application documents, preparing job interviews and being accompanied to these interviews, supporting the job search by visiting companies, conducting job research in newspapers as well as online, accomplishing trial work in companies and attending training on diverse subjects (e.g. data processing, employment law, studying different career possibilities, health).

Project duration: 04.11.2013 – 03.11.2014

Locations: Hamm

Target group: Adults (25 to 49 years old) with a migration background who receive benefits from the jobcentre (SGB II Leistungsbezug)

Participants need a voucher handed out by the jobcentre (Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein - AVGS)

Project funded by: