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Work opportunities for social assistance recipients in Lünen

Project: "Work Opportunities in Lünen Schools with Acquisition of a Class B Driver's License"

This project, with only a few minor conceptual changes, has maintained this form since August 2007. It's directed at long-time unemployed adults with and without a migrant background. Participants can take part in the project for nine to twelve months. They will have the chance to work as school assistants, bicycle shelter monitors, bus monitors, after-school assistants and library assistants.

The goal of this project is to motivate and qualify participants for the labor market by combining on-the-job experience and counseling.

Along with general educational aspects (German, math, computer skills, job application training and educational training) participants will gain the knowledge necessary to obtain a Class B Driver's License.

The practical preparation for the driver's license is organized by the Multicultural Forum in cooperation with Driving Schools.

Project duration: 06.01.2014 - 30.11.2014

Locations: Schools in Lünen and Werne, associations in Bergkamen and Kamen

Target group: Adults (ALG-II) with or without a migration background

Project funded by: