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IDA - Change of Scenery

A theater production isn't just part of our project; it's also part of our lives as we live through different phases, or even scenes...

The project "Change of Scenery" strives to give young adults between 18-30 years old a new outlookon their professional lives by helping them gain new skills through:

  • training courses in language, career cunseling, job application preparation, individual and team work skill building as well as intercultural skills training;
  • a three to five month stay in another European country which includes a language course, an internship in a local business, and the creation and presentation of a bilingual theater production;
  • placement in employment, vocational training, or other educational opportunities upon returning from the stay abroad.

Project Phases

In Germany

  • Intensive language and culture courses
  • Career counseling, key competencies training, job application training, and theater workshops


  • Language course
  • Internships in businesses; work in trades' workshops
  • Creation and first presentation of the theater production
  • Accompanied cultural and leisure time program

Back to Germany

  • Review of the stay abroad experience
  • Presentation of the theater production
  • Placement in vocational training, employment, or other type of training

Duration: 01.08.2009 - 31.12.2012

Target group: Youth and young adults between 18-30 yrs. who receive unemployment benefits (ALG II)

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