Expertenaustausch in Lünen

Wie das Mobilitätsprogramm IdA in besonderer Weise zur nachhaltigen Kompetenzentwicklung benachteiligter Personengruppen beizutragen vermag, haben am 17. September 2013 Fachleute aus der Region (Kommunen, Jobcenter, Bildungsträger, Kammern) und Gäste aus Türkei im Rahmen des Internationalen IdA-Expertenaustausches in Lünen diskutiert und auf bewegende Art und Weise von ProjektteilnehmerInnen erfahren.

Dokumentation der Tagung...

IdA2 - Move and work

The name of this project shows that "moving" and "working" both belong together. In this project, the participants will "move" by setting goals for themselves, learning about new opportunities and environments, and discovering new ways together. After ten months of working together in the project, the participants will be much closer to achieving their professional goals - employment, training, or education.

Within the project, participants will take part in a stay abroad, offering numerous advantages: they will get to know a new country, a new language, and new people; and they will learn about themselves. Far away from home and from the daily routine, they will be able to decide what they want from life more easily. That's why the work experience abroad gives them the perfect chance: they can find out what kind of work is most suitable for them and show that they have the courage and endurance to teach their goals in unconventional ways.

Project description:

Preparation phase in Germany (four months)

  • language courses and inercultural training; country-specific information
  • career orientation, key competencies, CV and job application training, and theater workshops

Stay abroad (two months)

  • language courses
  • internships in businesses
  • workshops and clubs
  • cultural and free-time activities

Follow-up support in Germany (four months)

  • review of the stay abroad
  • job application activities and qualification
  • possible internships
  • work, training, or school placement

Project duration: 01.01.2012 - 17.10.2014

Target group: Adolescents and young adults from 18 - 30 years old who receive ALG II and are seeking a professional outlook.

"Move and Work" - A joint project:

The projekt "Move and Work" is a joint project from the Gesellschaft für Berufsförderung und Ausbildung mbH (GEBA) in Münster and has a total of four sub-projects open to participants from Münsterland areas as well as from the Unna district and the city of Hamm. The latter is carried out in cooperation with the MkF in Lünen.

Further information regarding all sub-projects is available here

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