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About us

The Multicultural Forum e.V. (MkF) is a regionally anchored, non-profit migrant organization with international partnerships and diverse competencies in the field of migrant integration. With over 120 full-time employees the MkF has been committed to promoting and supporting migrants' professional, social and political welfare since 1985. Currently the MkF importance has expanded beyond its headquarters in the city of Lünen to its offices located in Lünen-Süd, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Bergkamen and Hamm demonstrating its regional significance. Moreover, partnerships with various organizations and entities at regional, state, national and European level help transfer newly-acquired knowledge and experience to a broader audience.

The Mkf's work focuses on employment and qualification, education and further education and counseling services.In the area of employment and qualification the MkF supports individuals seeking employment and the unemployed in their pursuits, offers assistance with the application process, organizes direct work and training placement and enables individuals to receive qualifications. With regard to individuals with an immigrant background, the MkF demonstrates its expert knowledge and extensive experience in this field. Through individual support, cultural-specific counseling and intercultural work placement, the MkF helps applicants with an immigrant background overcome the initial challenges of obtaining employment. In addition, businesses are supported through counseling services and workshops.

The area of education and further education is covered by MkF's further education institution (Bildungswerk Multi Kulti) which takes charge of its operation. The Bildungswerk Multi Kulti offers an extensive selection of courses - from political and intellectual education and language and computer courses, to professional qualification and special courses for children and adolescents.

In the area of counseling and networking, the MkF's refugee and return counseling, migration counseling, integration agency, and the unemployment office have become important advisory sources for individuals seeking information.

Since the middle of the 1990s, the Multicultural Forum has been active in projects sponsored by the EU; meanwhile contacts with partner organizations have been established in nearly all European countries from Iceland and Turkey, to Spain and Lithuania. Along with two EQUAL-development partnerships of which the MkF has taken total responsibility, there are numerous EU projects which the MkF has coordinated, especially thosewith special focus on further education. Currently, there are two projects taking place within the framework of the national program "IdA - Interation durch Austausch". Its purpose is to enable individuals who face difficulties entering the job market to participate in internships abroad in order to improve their professional outlook.

Beyond the services mentioned above, the MkF covers a wide range of thematic areas - from award presentations and raising awareness about cultural events and celebrations aimed at promoting intercultural contact, to offering courses for children and adolescents.