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Forum Multi-Kulti

Subsidiary - forum multi kulti gGmbH

forum multi kulti is a non-profit subsidiary of the Multicultural Forum located in Lünen. The mission of the association is to foster understanding and teamwork between individuals from diverse cultures, nationalities and heritages in the Federal Republic of Germany so as to create a better living environment for all.

We combine competence, experience, and know-how to connect socil work with labour market politics which reach beyond Germany's borders through our transnational projects.
We carry out our projects in cooperation with free agencies, organizations, and clubs and work to build bridges between administration and politics.
As a result of our work progresses, we have successful concepts and measures. We invite you to work together with us to achieve these goals.

The subsidiary`s goals are especially fulfilled through…

  • the development of opportunities for multicultural encounters,
  • social consultation,
  • measures to ensure language support, education, professional qualifications,
  • placement, expansion of social solutions for the labor market,
  • measures against xenophobia and racism,
  • public relations and through fostering cultural exchange