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Mission statement

1. Who we are

Beginning as a migrant organization supported by volunteers, the Multicultural Forum has developed into a regionally based migrant organization with international cooperations and diverse expertise in the field of migration and integration of immigrants. The Multicultural Forum is a recognized provider of educational, counseling, and youth servies. We value a multilingual team of employees from different national origins, and volunteering continues to play a major role in our organization. Our activities cover all aspects of migration, and while remaining non-profit as well as politically and religiously independent, we put the interests of migrants first.

2. What we stand for

Even the name "Forum" is an expression of our idea of an organization which combines different voices under one roof. We understand the term "multicultural" as a convergence of cultures and people of different backgrounds in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual acceptance, guaranteeing equal rights, obligations and opportunities for all. For us, a focus on basic democratic values is important. We take a stand against discrimination and xenophobia. We see cultural diversity as enrichment and incorporate this into our work.

Equality between the sexes is a consistent principle of the Multicultural Forum, and is promoted and considered in all decisions and actions.

3. Who do we want to reach?

Our main target groups are immigrants - children, adolescents, adults and seniors. As part of the development of our work, locals have also moved into the focus of our activities. We appeal to the public, politicians, government agencies, businesses, clubs, associations, family centers, schools and political parties.

4. What are our goals?

Our main objective is the promotion and support of immigrants in professional, social and political arenas. We work to identify the resources of migrants, make them visible, and encourage them to practice lifelong learning. We strive for equality and empowerment, i.e. equal participation in social processes, and to advocate that the migrants gain more political influence. We want to continue to create a culturally-diverse society, promote international cooperation as well as migrant organizations and their activities in order to strenghten their networks with each other. We promote coexistence between people of different backgrounds.

5. What skills, services, and resources do we have? 

Through many years of experience in the field of migration work, we have gained extensive migrant-specific expertise. Our employees are generally multilingual and bring different cultural backgrounds into the work. We maintain an open and friendly work environment. Our courses and seminars are target group specific and take place in technically and professionally well-equipped rooms in a central location. We

  • advise and support,
  • provide vocational training and further education,
  • assist with job placement,
  • transfer knowledge about migrants and migration to the public,
  • promote multicultural encounters and inter-religious dialogue,
  • coordinate networks,
  • organize creative leisure time activities,
  • encourage and support migrant businesses and organizations and cooperate with them,
  • carry out measures to combat xenophobia and racism,
  • promote exchange and cooperation at the European level.

We are an important address for those seeking advice and help from near and distant surroundings.

We have experience in the design and implementation of innovative and future-oriented projects. Through our practical work with and for migrants, we have become an exemplary institution that radiates beyond the region, stimulating and attracting attention. We customize our services to the needs of our clients, encourage fresh ideas and learn constantly. We use our resources responsibly as we act effectively and efficiently within the framework of our economic capacity.

6. How do we contribute?

With our activities, we work to increase the participation of immigrants in politics and society and to improve the representation of their interests. We raise public awareness of the situation of immigrants and strive to change attitudes of locals and immigrants regarding immigrants' social and professional integration. We thus contribute to the improvement of the social and professional situation of immigrants and refugees.

Our practices yield positive and innovative results and encourage new efforts in the field of migration and integration. We promote international exchange and the European integration process. Our work can be regarded as a long-term and lasting contribution to the fight against racism and xenophobia.

7. How do we understand successful learning?

The active involvement of learners in the acquisition of personal, professional and social skills is at the forefront of our educational action; bias-free cooperation, openness and interest in others and the support of the participants is fundamental to facilitate successful learning. This holistic approach is supported and encouraged by the entire team. The interests of the participants are the focus and course instructors are committed to establishing a cooperative relationship with them. The knowledge transfer is concentrated on the interests and needs of target groups.

Through hands-on testing in the learning situation, the participants are empowered to put things into practice. We motivate them to use their knowledge in everyday life and give them a "jump start". We inspire the participants and assist them in reaching their goals.

Lifelong, self determined learning is implemented in our organization through a variety of offerings and gives participants an opportunity to improve their lives. Our community center is also open to them after attending a course.

8. Where are we headed?

We want to expand the Multicultural Forum as a recognized professional organization in the field of migration, further develop its activities and services for migrants and ensure the quality of its services sustainably. Through our work we also want to guarantee our employees a professional future.

The multicultural Forum will react even more effectively to social change, promote dialogue between locals and immigrants more efficiently, harness its cultural diversity more comprehensively to create equal opportunities, and will orient its activities even more closely to the needs of those seeking advice and assistance.

More and more, we want to be a partner of economy, the labor market, and politics, to quickly find appropriate responses to future developments in the labor market and shape changes accordingly. We want to work to ensure that diversity management in professional integration in industry is acknowledged and implemented.

We want to show that the Multicultural Forum is an innovative organization and that our cross-cultural experience and knowledge combined with our resources in the field of intercultural work as well as our developed modelsin the field of working with and for migrants can extend beyond the borders of our region and country.