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Intercultural Business Award 2013

Entrepreneurial success through cultural diversity.

Intercultural competencies - a multicultural society and an ever-stronger market make them essential but still underestimated skills. By employing individuals with migrant backgrounds small and mid-sized companiescan enjoy a market advantage. Whether for optimizing customer service or expanding into new markets, intercultural competencies have clear economic advantages.

Successful businesses set themselves apart from the rest through their dedication and social responsibility. Integrating people with migrant backgrounds into the work place is even more important these days due to migration, demographic change, and demand for skilled workers.

Multicultural Forum, Municipalities, and Chambers: A strong partnership for economic success through cultural diversity

Since 2006 the Multicultural Forum has awarded the Intercultural Business Award to small and mid-sized businesses from the Westphalian Ruhr Area. Since then the award has become a mainstay of the Westphalian Ruhr Area.

The Intercultural Business Award is presented by the Multicultural Forum in association with the City of Dortmund and the City of Hamm, Unna County, the Dortmund Chamber of Industriy and Commerce, the Dortmund Chamber of Handicrafts, and the Association of Self-Employed Immigrants of Unna County, Hamm, and Dortmund.

How is everything in your business?

  • Do you see your employees' cultural diversity as an economic advantage?
  • Do you support the professional integration of your employees with migrant background?
  • Do you educate your employees about living and working in a multicultural environment as well as with multicultural clients?

Apply now for the Intercultural Business Award!

Informational brochure regarding conditions of participation.