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Migrants' Forum in the Paritätischer

The Migrants' Forum in the Paritätischer (FdM) was founded im May 2007 with a mission to increase the representation of migrants in integration politics. The goal is to improve the connections and qualifications of more than 100 migrant organizations in the Paritätischer, and as a result strengthen the representation of the organizations' political interests. As a conclusion of the founding assembly, the Forum insisted on an increased presence of migrants in immigration politics. The Forum criticized the fact that in politics, decisions are made without consulting those who are most effected by them.

The Forum is engaged primarily with issues concerning education, e.G. with the Bildungsinitiative AB In die Zukunft , and Integration in the labor market, and through this the organization has made a statement, calling for the improved interlinking of integration planning and training. The Forum is now involved in various civil society advisory committees at the federal level and has participated in numerous professional discussions within and outside the organization. As a result, representatives from the Forum were able to participate in the National Integration Plan in the formulation of the integration program.

The work of migrant organizations is also supported at the state level through training and qualification programs.

Every two years, the Forum elects a spokesperson, two deputy spokespeople, and seven other board members who coordinate the work done by the Forum. Once a year, the annual conference takes place. In addition, the Forum is involved in organizing other conferences.

The Forum is connected organizationelly to the Central Coordinating Body for Foreign Work (Zentrale Koordinierungsstelle für Ausländerarbeit - ZKA) in the paritätischer Gesamtverband.