Learn German

Zwei Männer und zwei Frauen stehen auf grüner Wiese und halten Sprechblasen mit der Aufschrift "Deutsch" in verschiedenen Sprachen in die Luft

There are various ways to learn German in your city: Immigrants, ethnic German repatriates, EU citizens, recognized refugees and, under certain conditions, also at asylum seekers and persons with a tolerated stay permit can attend integration courses. A placement test takes place before the course begins. At the end of the course, an exam is taken that certifies the language level reached (B1 or A2).

There are also vocational language courses that prepare job seeking immigrants and refugees for their entry into professional life, as well as basic language courses for refugees.

The Multicultural Forum offers these language courses itself. We are happy to provide information about options, dates and conditions of participation.

For immigrants, we also offer open discussion groups at our Ankommens Treffpunkten (Arrival Meeting Points).