Counselling services for adult immigrants

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Unsere Beratung geht telefonisch und online weiter. Termine vor Ort nur nach Vereinbarung.

Our counselling services continue online and by phone. Counselling on site by appointment only.

Danışma hizmetlerimiz telefon ve internet aracılığıyla devam etmektedir. Yüz yüze görüşmeler sadece randevuyla yapılmaktadır.

تقديم المشورة عبر التلفون و الأنترنت مستمر، للاستشارة الرجاء حجز موعد مسبقا 

راهنمایی ما به صورت تماس تلفنی و ایمیل برقرار می باشد. مشاوره ی حضوری تنها با وقت قبلی  


Do you have questions about German courses, kindergarten, school, profession, work or health? The consultation center helps newcomers, refugees with good prospects to stay and migrants who have been living in Germany for a long time.

You can also visit the Migrationsberatung (migration counselling service) online: MBEON

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Lünen, Werne and Selm

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